Ten Steps in Goal Setting (Bottom-Up Approach)

  1. Put together a list of possible goals.
  2. Determine which things on your list are the most important.
  3. Make sure that your goals are specific and realistic, but also challenging
  4. Allocate time-lines to the goals that you have chosen (short, medium, or long term dates).
  5. Working backwards from scheduled dates for goals, set sub-goals in the form of specific actions or steps needing to occur.
  6. Program the goals into planning activity and focus on action strategies to achieve goals.
  7. Reflect if you have the time and energy required to devout to your goals. Cut any that you feel overwhelmed by.
  8. Put your goals somewhere that they can be seen and regularly and monitor progress towards them.
  9. Modify your goals when/ if necessary.
  10. Reward yourself when a goal is achieved.
Steps in Goal Setting