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Oxford Handbook of Sports Medicine

Sport psychology is practiced by psychologists specializing in the domain of sport psychology and by sport scientists specializing in psychological aspects of sport and the athlete. It concerns itself with the maximization of sporting performance by developing the mental strength and addressing the general psychological well-being of athletes.

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Oxford Handbook of Sports Medicine
The Psychology of Team Sports

Every fan knows that individual talent is vital to a team. But sport psychologists understand that the key to success is to incorporate talent into a supportive team unit. The editors of Psychology of Team Sports have assembled a variety of articles to address the psychological issues related to team sport activities on and off the court or field. read more

The Psychology of Team Sports
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Anxiety Disorder

Everybody experiences some degree of anxiety as a part of their personality make-up, known as trait anxiety. This varies according to an individual's biological temperament and life experiences during their development. read more

Anxiety disorder
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